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4th Generation Farming

Welcome to KCK Farms! I’m Katie Carothers, and with my husband Kregg, we invite you to explore our 4th generation family farm in south-central Kansas. At KCK Farms, every detail tells a story of resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment.


Meet the 5th Generation

Cooper Dillon: The oldest, a natural perfectionist, incredibly caring, and wise beyond his years.

Callan Ryan: The youngest, a honey badger and a smile maker, radiating invigorating energy throughout the farm.

About Us

Our Journey: Pioneering Change

In 2015, Kregg and I reclaimed control over our farming destiny. Breaking free from large meat-packing companies, we began selling our beef by the cut, propelling us into a journey of direct-to-consumer marketing and farm business expansion.

Way of Life


Sustainability at the Core

At KCK Farms, sustainability is a way of life. We take pride in practicing sustainable farming, ensuring every aspect contributes to the well-being of the land and community. Nothing goes to waste, reflecting our dedication to responsible resource utilization.


Farming for the Future

Farming is a mission at KCK Farms. With a new processing facility, we strategically ensure control over the entire process, tirelessly working towards USDA inspection for self-sufficiency.



Life-Long Learners
& Educators:

Beyond farmers, Kregg and I are life-long learners and educators. Enriched by life experiences and our education from Kansas State University, we’ve delved into the intricacies of selling meat, packaging, marketing, and more.


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